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Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful beaches and marine life in the tropical weather while also absorbing the rich Mexican culture. It's no wonder that Puerto Vallarta is the second most popular resort town in Mexico with 2.2 million visitors every year. If you decide to visit this paradise, you are sure to have a great time, but you can make the most of your experience by knowing the best activities available to you in the area. 

Visit the Beaches

The beaches in Puerta Vallarta are especially beautiful thanks to the clear blue water, golden sand, and glorious scenery of blue skies, sunsets, forests, and mountains in the background. With 360 days of sun every year, you rarely have to worry about the weather putting a damper on your plans. 

There are numerous beaches to choose from, depending on how you want to spend your day. While at the beach, you can choose to have a fun day with family building sandcastles and swimming with dolphins, leisurely travel the waters on a luxury yacht or fishing boat, or partake in water sports and experiences, such as parasailing, water skiing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. 

Some of the most popular beaches in Puerta Vallarta include:

  • Boca de Tomates
  • Playa de Oro 
  • Playa Camarones
  • The Malecon Beach 
  • Los Muertos
  • Amapas Beach 
  • Conchas Chinas beach 
  • Palmares Beach

Go on Adventures in the Mountains and Forests

Puerta Vallarta offers much more than beaches. You'll also get to enjoy the nearby mountains and forests, where you'll find real adventures. You will find numerous half-day and day trips that vary based on difficulty so that there's an excursion for every skill level. Navigate the challenging landscape on foot or on ATV. Daredevils can zipline through the trees, climb the mountains, and travel across the largest suspension bridge in Latin America, the Jurollo Bridge. 

Experience the Culture 

While in Puerta Vallarta, you must embrace the culture. Eat authentic Mexican street food and taste the gourmet cuisine outside of the resort. You should also visit local markets to buy homemade crafts and clothing while supporting the local economy. Don't forget to experience the nightlife as well. Puerta Vallarta has a different vibe from more relaxing tourist destinations, such as Cozumel, thanks to particularly exciting nightlife. Of course, you'll be able to relax the next day by relaxing at the beach/pool, shopping, or playing a round of golf. 

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