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Qualities Of A Good RV Resort

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An RV resort is a place you can bring your RV to camp with lots of extras and conveniences. Some RV parks only have the bare necessities, and most people wouldn't consider them as resorts, as they're little more than empty lots with electricity hookups. However, it's likely an RV resort if they have swimming pools, a general store, scenic views, well-landscaped grounds, etc. 

Here are some qualities of a good RV park:

Friendly Staff

The staff is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an RV resort. You will deal with them a lot; they must be kind and respectful to their guests. Otherwise, you will feel like you're walking on eggshells the entire stay, and you probably won't be in a good mood. 

Friendly Guests

Aside from the staff, it's also vital that the other guests at an RV resort are friendly. You'll likely be relatively close to other guests and wouldn't want to be near someone grumpy, loud, or doing forbidden activities. If you find an RV resort with friendly guests, you'll likely meet lots of new friends, as you all have a love of RVs in common. 

Rules That Keep Things Peaceful

Another sign of a good RV resort is one with strict rules to keep the peace. Strict rules might sound like a bad thing, as they might make you feel like you can't unwind and have fun, but some rules make sense at an RV resort and will ensure everyone there has a more pleasant stay. These rules will keep everyone safe and able to enjoy a peaceful environment free from swearing, loud music, arguments, drug use, etc. 

Activities for Kids

Many RV resorts are great for families, so if they have special activities organized for kids, you'll know you found a good one. Having areas where kids can play, like playgrounds, sports fields, and swimming pools, is a big deal because there's nothing worse than a bored child on vacation. If the kids have safe things to do that keep them occupied, the adults can hang out together and have a good time as well. 

Clean Bathrooms

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a good RV resort is clean bathrooms. It's not easy for the staff to keep up with cleaning all of the bathrooms at a crowded RV resort, so if they can do a good job with that, you know they're likely taking the proper steps to make the whole place great.

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