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Families Of Five: Finding Extra Sleeping Space At Myrtle Beach Hotels

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Two parents that decide to travel with three children have a number of obstacles to deal with during a trip. Struggling to find sleeping arrangements shouldn't be a problem if you understand what to look for when booking hotel rooms. If you're planning a Myrtle Beach hotel trip, you'll have to keep in mind that some of the more common room set-ups include two queen beds. While this is ideal for four people, it can often leave a fifth person out. No matter who the fifth person is in your family, there are ways to provide an extra sleeping spot and make the hotel comfortable for everyone. Browse through this guide to learn the best ways to plan sleeping accommodations before heading out on your trip.

Pull-Out Sofas

A number of Myrtle Beach hotel rooms may come with sofas for relaxing and entertaining. As you book a room, it's a good idea to request sofas with pull-out beds. The cushions on these sofas are removed, and a twin-size bed comes folding out. You can leave the bed folded out for the duration of your trip or fold it in back in each day to offer an extra sitting area. When rooms feature pull-out beds, they also typically include all of the extra blankets and pillows needed to fill the room. The size of this bed makes it ideal for either one child or one parent. The beds typically face towards a wall-mounted television, providing extra entertainment while you're lying in bed.

Cots & Fold-away Beds

If the room you book does not contain a sofa, then you can contact the hotel to request a cot or fold-away beds. These beds are often kept in storage areas and are only available upon request. A hotel service worker can deliver the extra cot right to your room and provide the extra blankets needed to sleep on it. The cot can be folded out and rolled to an open area of the room. In some cases, the cot can slide right into the space between two queen beds. This allows the whole family to sleep close together in one large connected bed. If you contact the hotel ahead of time, the cot can actually be set up in the room for you so you do not have to worry about wasting time and setting it up yourself.

Pack & Plays

Another service that hotels may offer guests are small pack and plays. These sleeping areas are ideal for younger children and babies that are coming for the trip. Not only is the pack and play ideal for overnight sleeping, but your family can carry it to a hotel pool area for use. The child can play and relax without you having to worry about them falling into the water. Requesting the pack and play before your arrival is a good way to ensure that they have one available and you can use it during the duration of the trip.

Hammock Sleeping

The beautiful views and warm weather in Myrtle Beach means that many hotel rooms come with a balcony. You can enjoy the night outdoors by setting up a hammock on the outside of your hotel room. This sleeping area is ideal for a parent or an older child looking for a little privacy. Sleep with the sounds of the beach and a view of the night sky by bringing your own hammock and setting it up on the balcony. You can use blankets and rope to construct your own small hammock or purchase a hammock with a folding stand that is easy to pack. As you book a hotel room, try to see the size of the balcony that is available. This can help you determine whether the hammock will fit properly or not.

Along with these sleeping arrangements, it's a good idea to contact a hotel to see what else they can offer. Sometimes you may be offered discounted or free hotel room upgrades to accommodate your whole family comfortably.