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3 Tips for Stress-Free Reception Scheduling & Planning

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If you have an upcoming wedding that you need to plan, then you will need to figure out which resort or event center is right for your reception. Finding the perfect venue can relieve some of your stress. There are a wide variety of other planning steps you should take to reduce your stress level once the reception is in full swing. Keep reading to learn about a few of these steps.

Do Not Create a Seating Chart

When you find your reception space, you absolutely need to make sure that it is large enough to seat all your guests. Most event centers allow you to choose the size of the space and a specific room will be arranged. You can and should use your approximate guest numbers to think about venue size. If you have about 100 guests coming, then you will need enough at least 1,200 to 1,400 square feet for them and the seating. You will need some extra space for the dance floor, the head table, the DJ, and the present table. To make sure you are not too cramped, go with a space that is about 2,000 square feet.

When you do work out the space details, think about skipping the seating chart. Seating charts are needlessly stressful and sometimes impossible to complete. It is best to go with an open seating plan where guests can sit where they choose. Not only does this reduce the stress of coming up with the chart, but it encourages socializing and activity at your reception. 

If you are on a tight budget, then open seating works great with buffet style receptions. Large banquet tables can be used as well instead of round tables in this sort of situation. More people fit at these tables and this can reduce your need for a larger reception space. 

Skip the Champagne Toast

If you are planning a more traditional sort of wedding, then you may want to have a champagne toast. If you are trying to make your budget stretch though, it can be stressful trying to figure out how to fit this into your reception plan. One bottle of champagne will provide about five glasses of champagne. If 100 people are attending your wedding, then you will need 20 bottles plus a few extra for the wedding party. A fairly inexpensive sparkling wine can cost you at least about $9. $180 out of your budget for a five minute toast with inexpensive beverage may be a lot for you.

If you want to save money, but still want to toast your new spouse, then save the champagne for yourself. For the rest of the guests, opt for a seasonal non-alcoholic drink. If your wedding is a fall event, then opt for sparkling cider. Hot chocolate is a good choice for winter and lemonade with a splash of seltzer is a great idea for spring and summer.

Schedule a Quick Reception

Your wedding day is likely to be filled with some stress and a lot of nerves. This can make your wedding day extremely tiring and long. You may not consider this fact and schedule a four or five hour reception. If you serve alcohol at your wedding, some guests may drink this entire time as well and cause a more rowdy atmosphere then you want. 

To reduce your stress, consider having a two hour cocktail wedding reception with a light snack and cake. If you want a full reception, then a two or three hour event is typically more than acceptable. Go with the buffet option if this is what you desire. 

If you want a quick reception, think about cutting the cake early and also asking the DJ to start playing music soon after the guests arrive. Also, schedule the reception an hour or two after the wedding ceremony. This way you and your new spouse can arrive at the venue to great guests. Photographs after the ceremony take at least an hour in most cases, so think about this in advance. 

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